Dr R. Michael Garvey

In 2007, the ITSF created an annual Time Lord Award, in recognition of significant contribution to the telecom timing community.

The first award was made to Dr R. Michael Garvey, who is Chief Technical Officer at Symmetricom Technology Realisation Center in Beverley, Massachusetts.

Throughout his career he has been involved in the design of atomic frequency standards and led the design team which developed the first microprocessor controlled atomic frequency standard.  Intimately involved in the development of cesium beam frequency standards for the Global Positioning System, he has led the development of chip scale atomic clocks and has overall responsibility for the development of new atomic clock technologies at Symmetricom. more»

Mike was presented with an Armillary Sphere and the first Time Lord Award certificate, by Charles Curry, Chairman of the ITSF Steering Group at the annual dinner on 14th November 2007.

Mike Garvey with National Bureau of Standards Primary Atomic Cesium Beam Clock circa 1978
Mike Garvey c.1978

..and in 2007
Mike Garvey c.2007