Part 1: Traditional Sync Topics

Chairmans Introduction
Charles Curry, Managing Director & ITSF Chair, Chronos Technology Ltd, UK

Quartz Oscillators and Phase Locked Loops
Domink Schneuwly, Senior Engineer, Oscilloquartz, Switzerland

Primary Reference Clocks
Mike Garvey, Chief Technical Officer, Symmetricom, USA

Marc Weiss, Timing & GPS Expert, NIST, USA

Alan Kendall, Project Manager, EADS Astrium, France

Time & Timing Measurement Fundamentals
Lee Cosart, Technical Consultant, Symmetricom, USA

Synchronisation in Telecom Networks
Jean-Loup Ferrant, Synchronisation Expert, Alcatel-Lucent, France

G.823 and G.824
Silvana Rodrigues, System Architect, Zarlink Semiconductor, Canada

An Introduction to Packet Switching for Sync Engineers
Stewart Bryant, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems, UK

Tutorial and Major Differences Between NTP and 1588
Karen O'Donoghue, Lead Engineer, USN, USA

Introduction to Internet QoS
Fred Baker, Cisco, USA

Introduction to MPLS
Matthew Bocci, Director of Technology & Standards, Alcatel-Lucent, UK