This document describes the Governance arrangements for the International Timing & Sync Forum - ITSF. And identifies the key organisations involved in running the ITSF annual event.

The International Timing & Sync Forum (ITSF) is the largest specialist time and synchronisation conference in the world showcasing solutions for Telecoms, Finance, Broadcast, Automotive, Smart Grids, IoT, Distributed Datacenters, Transport and Defence. The ITSF 2021 event featured use case and forthcoming requirements in 4G/5G Networks, Smart Grids, Transport, Finance, Data Centres, Broadcast, Defence, IoT and Automotive. It also featurd Component, Subsystem, and System Solutions from leading time and sync manufacturers together with the latest in standards and standards roadmaps for using and securing timing, including MiFID II, PTP/1588, SyncE, NTP.

If you wish to download the 2020 papers please request the password.

The high quality content is put together by the ITSF Steering Group comprised of international experts in time and sync representing equipment manufacturers, operators and in many cases members of relevant Standards bodies. Attending ITSF will ensure you keep you up to date with the latest time and time transfer technologies and techniques relevant to critical infrastructure and emerging applications. The conference is preceded by a Tutorial day, open to all, led by synchronisation experts from around the world and from a range of disciplines.

ITSF 2022 is taking place in Dusseldorf, UK 7th-10th November. Further information, call for papers and sponsorship opportunities are available from the organisers Executive Industry Events.

Stefano Ruffini

Chairman ITSF Steering Group